The Ayurvedic Eye Drops to Treat Dry Eyes Complications

The Ayurvedic Eye Drops to Treat Dry Eyes Complications

Oct 13, 2023


Dry eyes are a usual but very challenging disease that may disturb your regular life. Besides modern medicine, Ayurveda offers a practical and permanent treatment for this problem by providing eye drops for dry eyes. The course of treatment includes multiple natural therapies, herbal concoctions, and some lifestyle modifications. It is a holistic approach that thousands worldwide have accepted and appreciated.

What are Dry Eyes?

A dry eye occurs due to a lack of moisture inside the eyes. The condition results from reduced secretion of tears or degraded quality of tears. The composition of tears is affected by the disturbed ratio of salt and water in the tears. Sometimes, the blockade of the meibomian gland also leads to this problem.

Causes of Dry Eyes:

Doctors define several reasons for this condition:

  • Ageing
  • Increased stress from work and anxiety
  • Lack of sleep
  • Prolonged exposure to dusty climate
  • Too much exposure to air-conditioned or heated environments

Prolonged use of contact lenses without gap eye allergies, Mental stress and pressure exposure to harmful chemicals. The habit of smoking after cataract or LASIK surgery. Apart from these reasons, doctors also state that dry eyes result from metabolic disorders, allergic reactions, and several autoimmune diseases. In such scenarios, Ayurvedic eye drops for eyes could provide instant relief and, when taken regularly, heal you from dry eye problems.

Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease

The primary symptoms associated with dry eye disease encompass heightened sensitivity to light, blurred vision, persistent headaches, redness, discomfort, excessive tearing, and a sensation of foreign objects in the eyes.

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What is Digital Eye Strain?

In recent years, the widespread use of digital devices has led to digital eye strain (DES) or computer vision syndrome, affecting up to 50% of regular device users. DES results from prolonged screen usage and may lead to symptoms like blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain, and dry eyes. Reduced blinking during screen use contributes to dry eyes, as blinking cleanses and lubricates the eyes.

Dry eye disease can lead to complications such as corneal ulcers and conjunctivitis if left untreated. Seeking timely treatment is essential to prevent these issues and ensure optimal eye health. Ayurvedic eye drops for dry eyes offer a natural and holistic approach to managing dry eye syndrome and promoting ocular well-being.

How Does Digital Eye Strain Contribute to the Onset of Dry Eye Syndrome?

Digital eye strain (DES) can trigger dry eye syndrome caused by prolonged screen use. Screens emit blue light, and although it's less intense than sunlight, extended exposure can damage the eye's surface cells, potentially leading to dry eyes. Additionally, people blink less frequently while using screens, reducing the eye's natural cleansing and lubrication mechanism. Let's discuss both the facts elaborately.

Exposure to Blue Light

Various sources, including the sun, indoor lighting, and screens on digital devices, emit blue light. Although the energy levels of blue light emitted by these devices are significantly lower than that of sunlight, eye care professionals have become increasingly concerned about the extended durations people spend using screens and the proximity of these screens to their faces.

Reduced Blinking

Insufficient blinking of eyes is another factor that can lead to dry eyes during screen usage. People tend to blink less when engrossed in reading text or viewing images on a digital screen, with the blink rate decreasing by 66% when using a computer. Blinking plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and comfort of our eyes. Each blink serves to cleanse the ocular surface of debris and provide lubrication, so a decrease in blinking results in more significant Irritation and dryness.

Risk Factors Associated With Dry Eye Disease

If left unaddressed for an extended period, dry eye disease can progress to a chronic stage. Seeking treatment before this stage is advisable, as several complications may arise from dry eye disease, including:

  1. Corneal Ulcer: The cornea serves as the outer protective layer of the eyes, remaining transparent and moist through its connection with the tear duct located at the edge of the eyes. When the tear ducts fail to supply adequate moisture to the cornea, it becomes susceptible to tearing from various points, resulting in ulcers.
  2. Conjunctivitis: Neglected dry eyes can also lead to inflammation and irritating the conjunctiva, which is the transparent layer safeguarding the white portion of the eyes. This condition results in redness, excessive tearing, swelling, Irritation, and persistent eye itching, collectively called conjunctivitis.
  3. People face challenges in reading, writing, and keeping their eyes open.

Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes can be uncomfortable, but one can try several home remedies to relieve the symptoms. However, you must consult an eye doctor or Ayurvedic healthcare professional if you have chronic or severe dry eye symptoms, as they may require medical treatment. Here are some home remedies for dry eyes:

Hydration - Ensure you properly hydrate the body with appropriate water and fluid intake. The Ayurvedic body constitution states that 1-3 litres of fluid is required daily. Vata and Pitta types require more liquids, while Kapha types require less.

Food & Diet -

A healthy diet containing fresh and natural food like seasonal vegetables and fruits is vital to inclusion in the daily diet. Along with a balanced diet, a good intake of nuts like almonds and raisins also suffices the daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Individuals who suffer from metabolic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease should avoid using fast food items, butter spicy food, staple food, aerated cold drinks and processed foodstuff as they are harmful to dry eyes.

 Sleep - Sleep is the best medicine your eyes can get, and a sound sleep of six to eight hours is a must, else the chances of dry eyes may increase.

How does Jagat Pharma ISO  Amrit Eye drop help treat Dry eyes?

Jagat Pharma's ISO Amrit Eye Drop effectively relieves dry eyes by leveraging its unique formulation and natural ingredients. This eye drop addresses various aspects of eye discomfort and improves overall eye health.

  1. Improves Vision and Clarity: ISO Amrit Eye Drop enhances visual clarity, allowing for improved eyesight and a more comfortable viewing experience.
  2. Reduces Eye Burning: This eye drop provides quick relief from the burning sensation often associated with dry eyes, soothing and calming the eyes.
  3. Reduces Eye Allergies: ISO Amrit Eye Drop helps alleviate eye allergies, minimizing allergic reactions and discomfort.
  4. Reduces Eye Strain & Fatigue: By reducing eye strain and fatigue, this eye drop enhances the overall comfort of the eyes during extended screen time or other activities that may strain the eyes.
  5. Reduces Irritation in the Eyes: ISO Amrit Eye Drop combats eye irritation, relieving dryness and discomfort.

The carefully crafted formulation of ISO Amrit Eye Drop makes it a valuable solution for individuals seeking to alleviate dry eyes, improve vision, and enjoy greater eye comfort.

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