Clinical Study Report

Developed after extensive research and experimentation by experienced Ayurvedic experts, ISOTINE represents a unique blend of traditional botanicals and minerals meticulously combined to target refractive errors, cataracts, and other eye disorders. 

Studies, such as the retrospective case series conducted at Dr. Basu Eye Hospital, Bareilly, India, have provided valuable insights into the potential of ISOTINE eye drops in restoring visual acuity and improving overall eye health. 

Version: 1.0, Dated: 12th March 2022

“Evaluation of efficacy & safety of Isotine Eye Drops in patients suffering
from immature uncomplicated cataract - An open label, comparative,
Multicentric, two arm, prospective, interventional clinical study”


Protocol No. IST/01-2020 Version 1.0, 31th Oct 2020


CTRI Registration No: CTRI/2021/01/030699 [Registered on: 22/01/2021]

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