Feb- 20- 2024

Understanding Low Vision & Enhancing Eye Health with Isotine Plus Eye Drops

Low vision means having trouble seeing, even with glasses or lenses. It makes it hard to do everyday things. This condition is not synonymous with...
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Feb- 13- 2024

Refresh Your Vision, Banish Dry Eyes With ISOAMRIT Eye Drops!

What are Dry Eyes? Dry eyes occur when the eyes lack tears or when tears evaporate too quickly. This can lead to discomfort, redness, blurred...
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Feb- 6- 2024

Isotine Gold Eye Drops: Illuminating Vision, Nourishing Sight, Your Gold Standard for Eye Health!

Growing Age and Chronic Eye Problems As individuals age, the risk of developing chronic eye problems significantly increases. Conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD),...
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Jan- 31- 2024

Unveiling the Power of Shilajit Resin: Nature's Elixir for Vitality

Origin of Shilajit: Shilajit, often referred to as "the destroyer of weakness" in Sanskrit, is a unique substance that oozes from the cracks of rocks...
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Jan- 29- 2024

Isotine Plus Eye Drops: Nurturing Vision with Ayurvedic Wisdom

In our screen-centric world, prioritizing eye health has become increasingly vital. As digital devices dominate our daily lives, concerns over eye conditions, such as diabetic...
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Jan- 17- 2024

Testosterone Booster: For Stamina, and Muscle Wellness

INTRODUCTION TO TESTOSTERONE  Testosterone is a crucial hormone that helps develop and maintain male features. It's part of a group of hormones called androgens and...
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Jan- 10- 2024

Isotine Eye Drop - 100% Ayurvedic Eye Drops For Optimal Eye Health

WHY EYE CARE IS ESSENTIAL? Eye care is essential for maintaining overall health and well-being. The eyes are a crucial sensory organ, allowing us to...
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Dec- 29- 2023

New Year, New Resolution, Jagat Pharma Celebrating 42+ Years of Ayurvedic Excellence

On this New Year, let's celebrate the thriving 42+ years of legacy of Jagat Pharma. It is a leading Ayurvedic organisation that offers Ayurvedic products...
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Dec- 27- 2023

Jagat Pharma's Ayurvedic Testosterone Booster & Its Benefits

Testosterone, a vital hormone in the body, serves a crucial function in various physiological processes, with one of its primary roles being the enhancement of...
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Dec- 20- 2023

Jagat Pharma Shilajit Capsules - A Comprehensive Guide to Health and Vitality

What is Shilajit? Shilajit is a unique and potent substance from the rocky mountains, particularly in the Himalayas and other high-altitude regions. Formed over centuries...
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Dec- 15- 2023

Give the Gift of Sight

Eye Health and Its Importance Eye health is paramount, as our eyes shape our daily experiences and well-being. The eyes are not only the windows...
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Dec- 12- 2023

शिलाजीत: प्राकृतिक वरदान और उसके सेवन के फायदे

शिलाजीत, जो पहाड़ों में पाया जाने वाला एक ऐसा पदार्थ है जिसमें अनेकों औषधीय गुण होते हैं। भारत में, शिलाजीत हिमालय की पहाड़ियों में सबसे...
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Dec- 6- 2023

5 ways to Verify the Authenticity of Himalayan Pure Shilajit

In our quest for vitality and rejuvenation, shilajit's incredible attributes have entranced countless seekers. As the awareness of its remarkable qualities continues to spread, the...
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Nov- 6- 2023

Natural Ingredients To Get Relief From Cough And Cold

During the ongoing pandemic, Ayurveda, an ancient natural medical system with a 5,000-year history rooted in India, has gained significant attention for its potential in...
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Oct- 24- 2023

शिलाजीत क्या है और उसके अद्भुत फायदे ( Benefits of Shilajit)

शिलाजीत हिमालय की पहाड़ियों  में पाएं  जाने वाले पौधों और धातुओं के घटकों से मिलकर बनता है| यह एक प्राकृतिक खनिज पदार्थ है  जिसका इस्तेमाल...
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Oct- 13- 2023

The Ayurvedic Eye Drops to Treat Dry Eyes Complications

Dry eyes are a usual but very challenging disease that may disturb your regular life. Besides modern medicine, Ayurveda offers a practical and permanent treatment...
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