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At Jagat Pharma, we provide natural solutions for your health and wellness needs focussing on maintaining good health and preventing disease through the Trinity of Ayurveda - Aahar, Vihar, and Chikitsa.
Aahar, the food and drinks we consume, is considered one of the most important factors influencing our health in Ayurveda.
Vihar, our lifestyle factors, including daily routines, sleep, exercise, and stress management, are essential determinants of health, according to Ayurveda.
Chikitsa, Ayurveda's various therapies and treatments to prevent and treat disease, include herbal medicines, detoxification therapies, massage, and other natural therapies.
The Trinity of Ayurveda - Aahar, Vihar, and Chikitsa - are interdependent and used together to promote health and well-being. Prevention is considered as important as treatment in Ayurveda, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet is essential for preventing disease. Our Ayurvedic therapies are based on a holistic approach that considers an individual's physical, mental, and emotional well-being and aims to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind. Jagat Pharma is the best Ayurveda eye drops online store that you can trust for all your Ayurvedic health and wellness needs. Our natural solutions are safe, effective, and customized to your unique needs.


Through experience and keen observation of different eye cases, Dr M S Basu studied the effectiveness of herbal treatments. After 9 years of intensive research, Isotine was developed and launched. The flagship invention of Dr. MS Basu shot to instant fame and success. It is the basis of all treatments at our hospital, combined with an array of holistic practices. As the CEO, and a qualified optometrist, Dr. Mandeep Basu understands the dynamics of eye care in the contemporary lifestyle. He ardently looks after the research and development team and guides them on innovations and product development initiatives.

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Dr. Mahender Singh Basu

Dr. Mandeep Singh Basu


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The medicine is really good it helped me to control my diabetes and also improved my health thank you Jagat Pharma.

Tushar Kapoor


Great products, the quantity
is perfect as mentioned! Not like other products where it feels so empty once opened.

Rajesh Kumar


Jagat Pharma Shilajit is the best!Jagat Pharma Shilajit is the best!Jagat Pharma Shilajit is the best!Jagat Pharma

Puneet Aggarwal

Assistant Manager

The eye care products have actually helped me to improve mental stress and given relief to my eyes. Thank you Jagat Pharma

Drishti Mehta