How to take care of your eyes while working from home?

How to take care of your eyes while working from home?

Aug 06, 2021


The entire world is troubled by the outbreak of a pandemic. In India, too, the situation getting worse now, due to which most of the companies are working from home. Are you also spending most of your time indoors, with unending hours staring at your digital devices while working from home. Likewise, for the school and college students, who are learning from home? Beware of the side effects of working from home. It is safer, comfortable and saves a whole lot of time, which otherwise would have been spent on commuting. Thus leading to increased screen time, resulting in the deterioration of the eye. Jagat Pharma understands the importance of vision, and here are some essential tips: 

Adjust the brightness and contrast of your device

Must adjust your digital device's brightness to a comfortable level. It will help to increase the contrast on your screen in order to reduce eye stress.

Adjust your computer’s monitor

Your monitor has to be directly in front of you, precisely at about an arm's length away. As the change in the position of your screen can increase eye strain.

Wear Anti-glare lenses

Wearing anti-glare lens or matte screen protector to reduce glare from the light reflecting back from your monitor. Also, avoid glare from the outside environment by drawing the window shades or blinds. 

Avoid using TV or mobile in low light

Using your digital screen in dim or low lighting for a long time gives extra strain to the eyes. Hence, avoid working under low light and use them from some distance and in the light.

Break Time is also important

Keep taking breaks in between if you are working continuously on the laptop. This will not only give rest to your eyes, but your whole body will also come in relax mode and get super ready to work more.

Must use Isotine Eye Drop

Jagat Pharma’s Isotine eye drop is one of the powerful products produced by uniting ancient Vedic knowledge with advanced technology, which will protect your eyes during the epidemic. 

Curious to know more about Isotine eye drop? 
Isotine Eye drops


An Award-winning Formula

An award-winning eye health product, Isotine eye drop is a 100% Ayurvedic research-based formula, carefully developed for all your eye care needs. Made of special Ayurvedic herbs and Bhasmas, Isotine eye drops are highly effective in relieving eye stress, redness, dryness, computer strain, and more. With regular usage, Isotine eye drops can improve your vision naturally.

Decrease redness and burning of eyes

The light emitted from the screen directly affects the retina, which reduces the ability to see and increases the danger for your eyes. In addition, eyes turn red with continuous screen time. Sometimes there is swelling in the eyes due to excess screen time. Isotine eye drop can treat you from redness, eye stress, fatigue, dryness, itchiness, strain and give you a clear vision.

Holistic eye-wellness

With special Ayurvedic herbs and Bhasmas, Isotine eye drops support holistic eye health and give you instant relief from issues like pollution and allergies. 

Zero-side effects

Formulated after years of research and experimentations with cautiously selected 100% Ayurvedic treatments, Isotine eye drops provide you excellent eye care without any side effects. 

A protective shield for eyes

Your eyes are your window to the world. Keeping the vision of eye health in mind, Isotine has been made with utmost purity and research-backed Ayurvedic formulations. Isotine eye drop is the protective shield you need to keep your eyes safe in this adverse modern-day environment.

The Isotine eye drop is a powerful product that unites ancient Vedic knowledge with advanced technology, which will protect your eyes during the epidemic.

 The key benefits of Isotine eye drop are given below:

 The ultimate eye care solution.

  • Ensures holistic eye care in the adverse modern-day environment.
  • Relieves eye stress, fatigue, dryness, redness, itchiness, strain, etc.
  • Improves vision naturally without any side effects.
  • Made of pure, carefully chosen 100% Ayurvedic ingredients.
  • Free from any chemicals, parabens, preservatives and other harmful substances.  

Keep these essential tips in mind while working and learning from home to take care of your eyes.

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