What is Cataract, the most
common eye disease

A cataract is a condition characterized by dense, cloudy formation in the lens of the eye. It is caused by protein clumps formed in the eye, that prevent the lens from transmitting clear images to the retina.

The function of the retina is to convert the light that comes through the lens into signals. It transmits those signals to the optic nerve which in turn carries them to the brain.

Types of Cataracts

  • Nuclear Cataracts

    Occupy the centre of the lens, causing the nucleus to turn brown or yellow

  • Cortical Cataracts

    Are wedge-shaped opaque formations around the periphery of the nucleus

  • Posterior Capsule

    Affect the rear parts of the lens. This type has faster growth than the previous two

  • Congenital Cataracts

    Are either innate or formed within a year after birth. This type is less common than age-related cataracts

  • Secondary Cataracts

    develop due to diseases like glaucoma and diabetes. This type can also develop due to the use of steroids like prednisone

  • Traumatic Cataracts

    are aftereffects of an eye injury. This type usually takes several years to develop

  • Radiation Cataracts

    are caused byundertaking radiation treatment for cancer


Common symptoms of cataracts include:

  • 01.Blurry vision
  • 02.Decreased night vision
  • 03.Reduced color vision
  • 04.Increased glare sensitivity
  • 05.Halos surrounding lights
  • 06.Double vision
  • 07.Frequent fluctuations in the power
    of prescription glasses

Causes Cataract

There are several underlying causes of cataracts. These include:

  • 01.Smoking
  • 02.Ultraviolet radiation
  • 03.Radiation therapy
  • 04.Certain diseases, such as diabetes
  • 05.The long-term use of steroids and other medications
  • 06.Trauma
  • 07.An overproduction of oxidants, which are oxygen molecules that have been chemically altered due to normal daily life

Treatment of Cataract

Though our treatments are safe with no side effects, there are chances that in rare cases a person may experience irritation or the treatment may not suit a particular patient. In such cases we recommend the following:

  • 01. Visit to our hospital for consultation
  • 02. Take an advice from your local eye specialist in case you are unable to visit us
  • 03. Call us before proceeding with further treatment

Medicine of Cataract

Our Ayurvedic Cataract treatment consists of a package that has
two types of eye drops and three types of capsules.

  • Dr. Basu’s White Free Ayurvedic Capsules for Leucorrhea And White Discharge-Pack Of 1
  • Dr Basu’s White Free Ayurvedic Capsules For Leucorrhea And White Discharge-Pack of 2

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