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5 ways to Verify the Authenticity of Himalayan Pure Shilajit

Dec 06, 2023


In our quest for vitality and rejuvenation, shilajit's incredible attributes have entranced countless seekers. As the awareness of its remarkable qualities continues to spread, the demand for shilajit has surged. However, with this increasing demand comes a troubling scarcity of genuine shilajit products. The old saying, "All that glitters is not gold" (or in this case, "black gold"), holds true here. Shilajit, a rare and elusive substance found only in specific regions, is not easily obtained. Its remarkable effectiveness and popularity have led to an inundation of counterfeit shilajit products saturating the market. So, you must be thinking, “how to know shilajit is original”. Fret not! We are here to be your guide through the labyrinth of shilajit impostors and show you how to discern the purity of shilajit right from the comfort of your own home.

The Temperature Experiment

Shilajit exhibits distinct reactions and undergoes transformations when subjected to varying temperatures. If placed in a warm environment, it will soften, whereas in a cold setting, genuine shilajit will solidify and become brittle.

To conduct this experiment, take a small portion of shilajit and expose it to different temperature conditions. Firstly, leave it in a warm location for a brief period and observe whether it softens. If it does, then you likely have pure shilajit. Next, place the same piece in the refrigerator for some time. If it hardens and becomes brittle, it's a good indication that your shilajit is authentic. Moreover, if you tap it with a hard object, it will shatter into pieces resembling glass.

This test should help you determine the purity of your Pure Shilajit. If you still have doubts, you can perform additional tests to further confirm its authenticity.

The Solubility Examination

    This method offers yet another means to assess the purity of your shilajit. Genuine shilajit is highly soluble, typically ranging from 98% to 100%. To perform this straightforward test, take a glass of warm water or milk, and add a small piece of shilajit to it. Observe if it dissolves. Authentic shilajit should completely dissolve within a few minutes, infusing the water or liquid with a rich golden or reddish hue.

    Additionally, you can sip this liquid slowly and run your tongue along the roof of your mouth. If you detect a gritty or sandy texture while consuming the shilajit-infused liquid, it indicates incomplete dissolution. This, in turn, suggests that the shilajit is not pure, potentially being an imitation, of lower quality, or containing fillers.

    The Combustion Evaluation

      If you're still wondering how to verify the purity of your shilajit, consider the burn test. Take a small piece of shilajit and employ a candle or blowtorch to ignite it.

      Authentic, pure shilajit does not combust. Instead, when heated, it should start bubbling and leave behind ash.

      Alkalinity and Acidity Assessment

      Our next method for determining the purity of shilajit involves two tests, which, while slightly complex, provide an excellent means of evaluating its authenticity.

      Begin by dissolving 2 parts of shilajit in 100 parts of water, stirring vigorously for 10 to 15 minutes. After this period, the shilajit should dissolve entirely at room temperature. Create two identical solutions and pour them into separate transparent glass containers.

      In the first container, introduce a generous amount of baking soda and stir the mixture thoroughly. The solution's color should remain unchanged after the addition of baking soda. Any alteration in color suggests that the shilajit is not pure.

      Moving to the second container, add vinegar and stir it in. Allow this mixture to stand for some time. Within approximately 30 minutes, you'll notice a lightening of the solution's color, with a lighter hue appearing at the surface and a cloudy texture forming at the bottom of the glass. If this transformation does not occur, your shilajit is likely impure.

      The Scent Evaluation for Shilajit Authenticity

      Your sense of smell can serve as a valuable indicator of shilajit's authenticity. Authentic shilajit possesses a distinctive, robust aroma characterized as herbal, pungent, smoky, and tar-like. To conduct the smell test, hold a piece of shilajit a few inches away from your nose and take a deep inhalation. If the scent corresponds to the characteristic description, it signals the purity of the shilajit. Conversely, an unusual or faint odor may suggest impurities or a lower-quality product. It's essential to bear in mind that genuine shilajit offers remarkable benefits, while counterfeit products can have adverse effects on your well-being. Prioritize obtaining your shilajit from reputable sources and harness the potency of authentic shilajit for a renewed and enhanced life experience.

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      Importance Of Testing Shilajit Purity

      Ensuring the purity of Shilajit is paramount in safeguarding the quality and authenticity of this valuable product. Laboratory analyses and purity certificates play a vital role in this assurance. Through a battery of tests, impurities can be identified and eradicated, guaranteeing consumers access to a genuine and high-quality product. Genuine Shilajit maintains its pliability across different temperature conditions, while impure samples may exhibit inconsistencies in texture and resilience. Pure Shilajit readily dissolves, whereas impurities may hinder its ability to dissolve fully, leaving behind discernible particles. Pure Shilajit should dissolve entirely in alcohol, while impure samples may clump together or form visible particles.


      It's crucial to understand that shilajit, being a natural substance, exhibits variations in composition and quality depending on its source and processing method. To guarantee the acquisition of a top-notch product, it is highly advisable to buy from a trusted supplier, such as our company. Our shilajit falls under the best Ayurvedic supplements For Immunity. It is  absolutely natural and organic, meticulously purified, and subjected to rigorous lab testing, making it a worthwhile investment. We take pride in being the only company worldwide to have secured numerous certifications, solidifying our commitment to delivering the highest quality shilajit to our global customer base.

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