4 Top Natural Ingredients To Boost Immunity

4 Top Natural Ingredients To Boost Immunity

Aug 10, 2023


Presuming that your immune system is robust might come naturally when you generally feel healthy and in good shape. However, recognizing indications of a potentially compromised immune system can be quite challenging. Being aware of these signs can empower you to adopt preemptive measures for enhancing your immune well-being. Check the signs to know if your body is really immune deficient and if so, then how to increase the immune system.

Signs Your Immune System Might Be Weak

  • Trouble with Digestion: A lot of your immune system is in your stomach. If you have tummy problems like diarrhea or constipation for more than two weeks, it might mean your immune system is not strong.
  • Too Much Stress: Stress makes it hard for your immune system to fight off sickness. Feeling stressed a lot, having headaches, or feeling tired can be signs.Some immune system boosters in the form of supplements or even food can help in overcoming stress.
  • Feeling Tired All the Time:If you sleep well, eat good food, and still feel tired all the time, your immune system might need help.
  • Skin Problems:If your skin often breaks out in rashes or acne, it could mean your immune system isn't working well.
  • Getting Sick Often:If you catch colds, the flu, or other infections a lot, your immune system might be weak. If you always get sick at the same time each year, that's a clue too.
  • Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System

    Once you recognize the signs of a weakened immune system, you can take steps to improve it. It's about making small adjustments in your daily routine that support your immune system rather than harm it.

    Here are 4 natural methods to enhance your immune system.


     Giloy, scientifically named Tinospora Cordifolia or Guduchi in Hindi, is a plant. Its stem is powerful due to its rich nutrients and alkaloids, but the roots and leaves are also useful.

    According to a verse in Charak Samhita, Giloy is a key bitter herb. It's employed for various issues and helps balance Vata and Kapha dosha. Giloy is often called "Heart-leaved moonseed" due to its heart-shaped leaves and reddish fruit. This plant enhances the body's immune system and boosts a person's vitality. Consuming Giloy juice or giloy tablets or herbal mixture in your diet twice daily can enhance your immunity. Packed with antioxidants, it aids in eliminating toxins from the body. Giloy juice also purifies the skin and enhances its condition. Additionally, Giloy is utilized for liver problems, urinary tract infections, and heart-related concerns.


    Ayurveda highlights numerous health advantages of Shilajit. This extract, mineral-based and having a sticky, gummy consistency, is naturally found in tar form across different Himalayan regions. Ayurvedic texts provide an extensive account of its uses and benefits, particularly its potent role in enhancing immunity. Packed with numerous active components, it boasts remarkable properties, functioning as a robust antioxidant and anti-inflammatory at the cellular level. This improves cell function and activity, fostering a potent defense mechanism against microbes and foreign agents. Additionally, it curbs excessive cell stress and inflammation, common culprits behind diseases. Shilajit also helps minimize the risk of infections.Possessing antiviral and antimicrobial attributes, regular intake of shilajit capsules can diminish the likelihood of infections. Individuals frequently susceptible to such infections often grapple with various illnesses, leading to a gradual weakening of their immunity. Shilajit's antiviral and microbial characteristics counteract infections, thereby naturally enhancing the immune system.

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     Ashwagandha has proven to have remarkable immune-enhancing impacts on our body's defense system. It's been observed to stimulate anti-inflammatory and immune cells that combat illnesses effectively. Thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory qualities, Ashwagandha is particularly beneficial for alleviating conditions like arthritis. Moreover, its iron-rich composition contributes to the increase in red blood cell count. Ashwagandha aids in enhancing the generation of nitric oxide. This nitric oxide is pivotal in activating the immune system's macrophage functions, thereby enhancing the capability to engulf invading cells. Research demonstrates that the body naturally elevates nitric oxide production during infections, contributing to the immune-strengthening effects of the herb. It also helps in reducing the stress levels in the body and improving sleep cycle.


    Turmeric is a vivid yellow-orange spice frequently used in various global cuisines, notably in dishes like curry. Beyond its captivating color and taste, turmeric boasts anti-inflammatory qualities that combat free radicals in the body. Incorporating an anti-inflammatory diet can play a role in averting persistent inflammation, a potential trigger for conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Preliminary research even suggests that regular intake of curcumin, a component of turmeric, might contribute to illness resistance, act as a preventive measure against certain types of diseases and decelerate the progression of Alzheimer's Disease and dementia as well.


    Natural ingredients have the power to keep our body healthy, fight with germs and stay strong. However, one must know the right dosage of these nutrients to be consumed as per their body type, when consumed in the form of supplements. To know that you must read the instructions carefully mentioned by the brand or consult an Ayurvedic doctor to know the right quantity for your body.

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