Jul- 23- 2024

Essential Tips for Ultraviolet Safety Awareness Month

Importance of Ultraviolet Awareness Month This month is marked as Ultraviolet Awareness Month, which promotes education and proactive measures to safeguard against the potential health...
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May- 31- 2024

अब सर्जरी नहीं दवाई से भी मोतियाबिंद का इलाज संभव, जानिए कैसे

मोतियाबिंद क्या होता है? मोतियाबिंद (Cataract) एक आँख की बीमारी है जो आँख के लेंस के क्षतिग्रस्त हो जाने से होती है। इसमें लेंस का...
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May- 22- 2024

Why is Isotine Eye Drop Good for Your Eyes?

Nowadays screens dominate our daily lives  and environmental factors constantly challenge our vision, maintaining eye health is paramount. Amidst various eye care products, Isotine Plus Eye...
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May- 16- 2024

7 Tips For Healthy Eyes in Summer Season

During summer, maintaining eye health is crucial due to increased exposure to UV rays and potential risks of dehydration. Isotine Eye Drops emerge as a...
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