New Year, New Resolution, Jagat Pharma Celebrating 42+ Years of Ayurvedic Excellence

New Year, New Resolution, Jagat Pharma Celebrating 42+ Years of Ayurvedic Excellence

Dec 29, 2023


On this New Year, let's celebrate the thriving 42+ years of legacy of Jagat Pharma. It is a leading Ayurvedic organisation that offers Ayurvedic products to promote holistic body wellness. The organisation aims to revive the Vedic Indian science of healing and well-being to make the world healthier, happier and more pleasant. The organization has dedicated itself to producing powerful products using ancient Vedic knowledge and advanced technology. All products are developed after years of rigorous research and medical trials.

Jagat Pharma's primary goal is to help people understand how important it is to care for their eyes and vision. The organisation fights eye problems by organizing free eye check-up events nationwide. Jagat Pharma aims to give communities the knowledge they need to keep their eyes healthy, encourage them to take preventive measures and ensure everyone can easily get their eyes checked regularly.

Jagat Pharma endeavors to stop blindness in India and around the world. The company works hard to make a world where everyone has the right to see. With constant efforts, it's making lives better and creating a brighter future for the next generations.

Know About Jagat Pharma Founder & Director

Dr. Mahendra Singh Basu, an eminent Ayurvedic practitioner and a Founder of Jagat Pharma, has dedicated more than four decades to imparting eye care for various eye diseases. Post Ayurvedic doctorate, his consistent research work & extensive studies on herbal extracts led to the creation of Isotine Eye Drops in 1978, his ayurvedic remedy that has successfully treated a spectrum of eye conditions, including cataracts. He laid the foundation of Dr. Basu Eye Hospital and Jagat Pharma in 1980. Renowned as the creator, Dr. Basu's unwavering commitment and transformative discoveries have earned him numerous accolades.

Besides his notable contributions to Ayurveda, Dr. Mahendra Basu actively promotes societal well-being through initiatives like the Drishti Dosh Nivaran Samiti. This Samiti conducts free eye camps nationwide, extending essential eye care to underserved communities. Dr. M. S. Basu's legacy reflects medical ingenuity and a profound dedication to enhancing community health.

Dr. Mandeep Singh Basu, the Director of Jagat Pharma and Dr Basu Eye Hospital, is a highly qualified Ayurvedic expert with around two decades of experience in Ayurvedic eye care. With a bachelor's degree in Ayurvedic medicine and a diploma in optometry, Dr Basu has firmly committed to bringing Ayurveda eye care awareness worldwide. As the Director of Jagat Pharma and Dr. Basu Eye Hospital, he has consistently worked towards eradicating global blindness. Doctor Mandeep's notable achievements include consistent endeavours to make ISOTINE EYE DROPS a world-leading brand in Ayurvedic eye care and to make this dream come true. His team actively hosts various eye camps to provide accessible and affordable eye care for all.

Jagat Pharma's signature product, Isotine Eye Drop, has been treating initial-stage eye diseases like Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy, Myopia, Glaucoma, Color Blindness, etc., without any operation. These products are 100% Ayurvedic and are clinically approved by several medical institutions and associations.

Isotine Eye Drop

Isotine Eye Drops are made from natural ingredients like Palash, Apamarg, Punarnava, and Tuth Bhasma. These ingredients work together to help your eyes. They can make your vision better and treat problems like redness, conjunctivitis, night blindness, eye fatigue, and weak eyesight.

Dr. Basu's Isotine Eye Drops are safe to use regularly. They help improve the blood flow to your eyes, reduce stress in your eyes, and give nourishment to your eye tissues. This product is a safe and natural option for treating eye issues and is suitable for people of all ages.

Isotine Plus Eye Drop

Isotine Plus Eye Drop is an award-winning formula filled with the goodness of Ayurveda, designed to relieve various eye problems and improve eye health.Our Ayurvedic eye drops are 100% natural and combine well-researched ingredients. The drop contains Bhringraj oil, which helps improve eye vision. Punarnava helps manage chronic eye inflammation and the early stages of cataracts. Tuth Bhasma, a key ingredient from cow urine, effectively treats various eye disorders and infections.

You can easily buy Isotine Plus Eye Drops online. Purchase now to keep an eye on various eye-related issues.

Isotine Gold Eye Drop

Isotine Gold eye drops bring together the strength of Isotine Plus Eye Drops and Isoneuron Capsules in one package.

Isotine Plus Eye Drops is certified by WHO-GMP and is 100% natural. Combined with Isoneuron Capsules, they can help with eye problems like early eye diseases such as Cataracts, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Color blindness, Retinitis Pigmentosa, and Hypermetropia.

Our Ayurvedic medicine for the eyes is suitable for people of all ages and can be used as a daily eye care routine. Many have found that using Isotine Gold eye drops regularly helps them maintain good eye health and clear vision.

Isotine Amrit Eye Drop

IsoAmrit eye drops for dry eyes feature a potent blend of natural ingredients designed to alleviate various eye conditions effectively. One key component, Santalum album from sandalwood, soothes eyes, reducing itching, burning, and redness for quick and lasting relief. Achyranthus asparagus addresses eye irritation, providing therapeutic comfort for sensitive eyes. IsoAmrit eye drops are 100% Ayurvedic, making them the best choice for dry eyes with no side effects. Amla contributes to treating conjunctivitis and cataracts, enhancing overall eye health. The versatile ingredient Azadirachta indica in IsoAmrit eye drops improves night vision and alleviates visual fatigue.

Jagat Pharma organizes its Ayurvedic products into distinct categories, addressing diverse health needs. These categories encompass eye care, sexual wellness, immunity and wellness, pain relief, female hygiene, and cough relief. Each category comprises a range of products, each possessing unique qualities tailored to specific health concerns. 

We wish you a Happy New Year filled with wellness for your eyes and overall health. May the coming year bring clarity of vision, vibrant well-being, and moments of joy for you and your loved ones.

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