Eye Drops for Glaucoma


Glaucoma can deteriorate the optic nerve and can be problematic. To resolve this issue, Jagat Pharma has come up with the best quality eye drops for Glaucoma formulated using natural ingredients. Patients can improve their condition without undergoing invasive surgery. An alternative option is to consider the Isotine Gold eye drops. This product contains  highly potent ingredients and it boasts a purity level of 99.9%.

Know about Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an ocular condition capable of harming the optic nerve, which serves as the conduit for transmitting visual data from your eyes to your brain. Typically, glaucoma is associated with elevated intraocular pressure, though not exclusively. Prolonged high pressure within the eye can gradually deteriorate the optic nerve tissue, potentially resulting in a reduction in vision or, in severe cases, total blindness. Timely detection and intervention, however, can help prevent further deterioration of your vision. The best eye drops for glaucoma that are made with natural ingredients are capable of managing the symptoms of Glaucoma.

Symptoms of Glaucoma:

The symptoms vary between the two most prevalent forms of glaucoma.

Open-angle glaucoma:

Symptoms progress slowly, often going unnoticed until the advanced stages. They encompass:

Gradual loss of peripheral vision, typically affecting both eyes.

Tunnel vision.

Closed-angle glaucoma:

Acute glaucoma symptoms manifest suddenly and include:

Intense eye pain.

Blurred vision.

Nausea, with the potential for vomiting.

Perceiving halo-like glows around lights.

Redness in the eyes.

Sudden and unexpected vision issues, particularly in low-light conditions.

Introduction to Isotine Gold eye drops:

Isotine Gold Eye Drops, harnessed from natural extracts, stand as a side-effect-free solution and have gained acclaim as one of India's top 10 all-natural remedies for Glaucoma and various eye-related concerns. A team of medical experts meticulously formulated this product, incorporating clinically validated ingredients. This extensively tested formula, free from preservatives and mercury, not only offers immediate relief but also ensures enduring eye protection. These eye drops feature a sterile, antiseptic solution tailored to combat allergies, address Glaucoma, and provide a refreshing, cooling sensation for your eyes, assuring the safety and efficacy of your eye care regimen. We also provide the finest eye drops for eye floaters and other ocular issues.

Key Ingredients:


Enhances visual acuity and is good for treatment of Glaucoma.

Bhringraj :

Improves eye vision and eyesight.

Punarnava :

Beneficial for addressing chronic ophthalmia and Glaucoma.

Tuth Bhasma :

Aids in the treatment of eye infections.

Application Instructions:

Before administering any eye drops or touching your eyes, it's essential to thoroughly wash your hands. Gently pull down your lower eyelid, and then instill 2 drops of Isotine Gold Eye Drops, known as the best eye drops for Glaucoma in India, into each eye. Afterwards, close your eyes, allow them to rest, and gently remove any excess liquid.

Advantages of Opting for Our Product:

Completely natural and safe for use.

WHO GMP Certified to ensure high quality.

Offers dual-action relief for soothing comfort and protection.

Clinically proven to effectively alleviate itchiness in and around the eye area.

Convenient for individuals leading active lifestyles.

Precautions and Guidelines:

Usage Instructions:

Ensure the cap is tightly sealed after each use.

Avoid contact between the container's tip and surfaces to prevent contamination.

Use within 30 days of opening; the expiration date applies to unopened bottles only.

While our drops are safe for contact lens wearers, it is recommended to avoid using contacts during episodes of eye irritation.

If you are pregnant or nursing, consult a healthcare professional before use.

Safety Measures:

Keep the product out of the reach of children. In case of ingestion, seek immediate medical assistance or contact a Poison Control Center.

Do Not Use if:

The solution undergoes a change in color or becomes cloudy.

Discontinue Use and Consult a Doctor if:

You observe changes in vision, experience eye pain, or if symptoms persist or worsen beyond 72 hours.

For Your Safety:

Do not use the product if the seal around the bottle's neck is missing or broken.

Why Choose Jagat Pharma’s Isotine Gold Eye Drops for Glaucoma?

Our latest eye drops for glaucoma, Isotine Gold eye drops stand out as the top choice for addressing Glaucoma due to their exceptional quality and remarkable efficacy. These meticulously crafted drops offer a holistic and comprehensive multi-action solution, capable of addressing a wide range of eye concerns. Our product comprises natural and highly potent ingredients and is certified by WHO GMP for quality assurance.