Eye Care Camp by Jagat Pharma in association with AITWA

Eye Care Camp by Jagat Pharma in association with AITWA

Jul 13, 2023


With over 36 years of experience, Jagat Pharma has been a trusted name in Ayurvedic healthcare solutions. On 10th June, 2023 in  New Delhi, We collaborated with the All India Transporters Welfare Association (AITWA) in organizing a specialized eye care camp specifically designed for AITWA-associated drivers. In line with the unwavering commitment to promoting eye health and ensuring road safety, the camp took place at NECC Transport, UP Border, with the primary objective of supporting the National Road Safety Plan.


Comprehensive Eye Check-ups and Personalized Consultations for Driver Empowerment

The eye care camp organized by Jagat Pharma went beyond routine eye check-ups, providing drivers with personalized consultations to empower them with tailored guidance for maintaining optimal eye health. Understanding that each driver's visual needs may differ, the camp offered one-on-one consultations with skilled optometrists who provided individualized recommendations based on their specific requirements.

The comprehensive eye check-ups served as a crucial foundation for the camp's efforts. Skilled optometrists conducted thorough examinations to identify any underlying eye conditions or potential issues that may affect the drivers' vision and overall well-being. By detecting these problems early on, drivers were able to receive timely interventions and appropriate treatments, minimizing the risk of accidents caused by impaired vision.


Importance of Vision Examinations for Driver Safety

Dr. Mahender Singh Basu, the founder of Jagat Pharma, emphasized the significance of routine vision examinations for driver safety. He says “Driver safety and well-being are very important to us. The incidences of uncorrected vision problems among drivers have continuously been noted in studies by traffic safety research organisations. A crucial step in reducing traffic accidents is routine vision examinations. We are certain that this programme will significantly improve the safety and performance of drivers while also enhancing their general well-being. With our commitment to non-surgical eye care and holistic healthcare, we work to provide solutions that uphold the greatest standards of quality and innovation. We are honoured to collaborate with AITWA in promoting eye health and ensuring the well-being of drivers.”


Personalized interaction of drivers with our doctors:

The personalized consultations were a key highlight of the camp, providing drivers with valuable insights and guidance tailored to their unique circumstances. The experienced eye doctors engaged in meaningful conversations with each driver, addressing their concerns and offering personalized recommendations. These consultations not only educated the drivers about maintaining optimal eye health but also emphasized the importance of regular eye care routines, including proper eye hygiene, nutrition, and the use of suitable eyewear.

The combination of comprehensive eye check-ups and personalized consultations ensured that drivers received holistic support for their visual well-being. By equipping them with the necessary knowledge about Ayurvedic treatment and resources, the camp aimed to empower drivers to take proactive measures to preserve their eye health, leading to improved safety on the roads.


An exception initiative by Jagat Pharma:

This initiative by Jagat Pharma's team  demonstrated our commitment to non-surgical eye care and holistic healthcare solutions. By providing drivers with access to quality eye care services and personalized recommendations, we upheld the highest standards of innovation and excellence in promoting road safety through enhanced visual well-being. The free eye check-up camp had a positive influence on a significant number of beneficiaries, providing them with a valuable opportunity to address suspected eye diseases that may have gone undetected otherwise. The examination of the drivers' eyes revealed a wide range of eye-related conditions, emphasizing the critical role such camps play in early identification and preventative therapy.


Collaboration and Acknowledgments

AITWA expressed their gratitude to Jagat Pharma for organizing the camp and their ongoing dedication to the well-being of drivers. The success of the camp showcased the impact that collaborative efforts can have in safeguarding the health and safety of communities. 

AITWA added,"This medical camp has not only enhanced the drivers' health but also highlighted the value of preventative health care practices. We sincerely thank Jagat Pharma for organising this outstanding effort and for their everlasting dedication to the wellbeing of our drivers. The camp's success is evident that teamwork can make massive impact in protecting the health and safety of our communities.”



By providing comprehensive eye check-ups, personalized consultations, and early identification of eye conditions, the camp significantly contributed to enhancing the well-being and safety of drivers. Such initiatives play a crucial role in promoting preventive health care practices and highlighting the importance of regular vision examinations. Jagat Pharma's commitment to non-surgical eye care and Ayurvedic health care ensures the delivery of top notch solutions that prioritize innovation and meet the highest standards.

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